The engineer is key to helping artists and producers realise the sounds they desire. Drawing on the skills and techniques they have acquired allows them to shape and bend the performance into a polished musical statement.

In The Studio

I have spent a considerable amount of time in the studio environment, heading recording sessions, mixing tracks and editing audio files. These experiences have left me with a great proficiency in operating a number of audio tools, both analogue and digital.

On Location

Being able to work outside of a controlled studio environment requires thorough preparation, strong perception of a space’s acoustic qualities and detailed knowledge of microphone technique.

Audio Restoration

Even with the best equipment, positioning and acoustics, unwanted noise can still creep onto a recording. In these situations the use of specialised software can remove microphone hiss, environmental bleed and noises made by the performer. The examples below illustrate what can be achieved in noise reduction and restoration; spectrogram results show the intensity of sound as low/dark blue to high/bright orange.