Full Time with VisionEvents Manchester

After recently moving back to the north west I have found full time work with VisionEvents Manchester, a full live events production company. It’s been great fun so far and I’m looking forward to the events lined up ahead!


Louise Taylor – When Shadows Fall

Just over two months ago I began working with the amazing pianist Louise Taylor to produce and album of beautifully soothing and reflective music in memory of Louise’s mother, Veronika Taylor.

Below is an album preview with short clips of each track.

When Shadows Fall

The Fragrant Rose



At Twilight ‘I Wonder Why’ & ‘To An Absent Friend’

To My Star (A Mon Etoile) Nocturne

All proceeds are being donated to the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund.

For more information please email or phone Louise directly at:

l.taylor50@outlook.com / 07922837071

Engineering Fusion Functions Band

Back in St Paul’s Hall this weekend engineering for Fusion Functions Band. An interesting recording set up and a bunch of fantastic players, check them out!

In this session, we set the drums up behind a set of acoustic screens on stage for maximum isolation and arranged the brass section in a horseshoe. Keyboards and bass are DI’d and all run into a series of optically linked RME interfaces with DAV BG8 pre-amps.