Engineering for Social Room

Back in Newcastle this week to work with Sunderland’s alternative rock band Social Room, some great tunes coming out soon!

Electric Spring 2016

This year I was fortunate enough to get intimately involved with Electric Spring 2016 and given the opportunity to run tech for the festival’s final night.

A number brilliant artists presented their work over the week, with projects ranging from audio/visual experiences to surround sound immersion and interactive installations; all of which was enabled by the University’s HISS equipment.

Capturing Sound on Location

Out and about this week collecting sounds for the Huddersfield – Ambience & Foley Sound Library. Indoors and outdoors, town centre to the middle of the woods, all have been sonically explored.

To collect such a wide variety of sounds I’m making use of the trusty Roland R-26 portable recorder in conjunction with a Beyerdynamic MC 836 Shotgun Microphone; monitoring on location with a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770M headphones.