ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) provides the opportunity to recapture lost dialogue from on-set, or when used creatively, can bring new life to an existing scene. Foley artists work to supply the subtle sounds that on-set microphones often miss. Creating the sound of ominous footsteps or the clink of metal as a gun is drawn gives a scene a sense of realism that viewers expect to hear as they are drawn into the film.

ADR / Voiceover

Below are some examples of previous work that highlights voiceover recording and automated dialogue replacement. The first is a voiceover showreel created for actress Emily Fairweather, the second is a playlist featuring TV voiceover work and dialogue replacement for Comfort and Always.

Sound Library

Available for free download is the Huddersfield – Ambience & Foley Sound Library, which contains over 300 unique samples. Each sound has been carefully selected and processed to help bring the sonic image of visual media to life. Click here to download, and see below for previews of the pack.

Every piece of audio has been captured  as a high quality 48kHz / 24bit WAV file. All stereo audio files have been recorded using an X-Y configuration.